What is the Thrive Programme?

A very large number of people who consult us for General Anxiety Disorders either cannot, or do not want to, follow a course of Pure Hypnoanalysis which has a principle objective to help the sufferer uncover bottled-up emotions, usually from their much earlier childhood years. Very often Pure Hypnoanalysis is also not suitable for technical reasons.

A course of the Thrive Programme recognises the fact that sufferers may have emotions bottled up in their past, but seeks to make significant and life altering changes to the fundamental way in which the client see “the World” and their problems HERE & NOW regardless of past events.

The way that a person “sees” the world may or may not prove to be very helpful, and where it is found that certain “perceptions”  are actually getting in the way of a persons happiness & success, then these beliefs come to be known as “Limiting Beliefs”.

In this respect it is similar in concept to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, although the Thrive Programme emphasizes much more fundamental change than CBT.

We have found, that for many clients, a combination of Pure Hypnoanalysis and a follow-up of Thrive Programme can have an even greater impact on them!

The Thrive Programme on Amazon

Not only is this incredibly effective "life-altering programme" it is also a best selling book by Rob Kelly, Training Director of the IAPH, and has been especially developed to be delivered, in-clinic, by approved and fully trained Thrive Consultants.

The Thrive Programme tackles REAL problems

In the case of M.E. and similar problems, many sufferers find themselves stuck in a downward spiral - this description ( By Phil Parker) referring to M.E. probably hits the spot, so if you do suffer, you will probably recognise this chain of events quite well...

1 - You fall ill due to an initial bug or some stress, or external factor that started your M.E. (Myalgic Encephalopathy) or similar problem. This event caused an extreme stress on your immune system.

2 - You felt very unwell. The symptoms were either very strong or lasted so long that you begun to wonder if you'd ever get better. You consulted your doctor and specialists in a number of fields but nobody seemed to have any answers, or provided much useful help, and the illness continued.

3 - These concerns understandably made you more stressed than you were when you got ill, which in turn made your body produce adrenaline and cortisol. Both adrenaline and cortisol when generated are a good and a normal response to short term stress, but long term production of them exhausts us. It affects our blood sugar and thyroid levels as well as suppresses our immune system and therefore makes us prone to illness and tiredness. This then unfortunately loops right back to step 2 !!

Limiting Beliefs

The Thrive Programme is designed to help you totally change these limiting beliefs and Vikki has been specifically trained to deliver this program and is an approved Thrive Consultant.

Typically, the Thrive Programme is a six to eight session training program that will help you to recognise limiting or damaging belief systems and change them for good.

So what is a "Limiting Belief System"?

Well it’s any set of beliefs that can have an incredibly negative or damaging effect on your life - causing you to suffer - for example - relationship problems, ill health, phobias fears and anxieties, and even mental and physical illnesses. The Thrive Programme has helped people with problems such as clinical depression, M.E., post viral fatigue syndrome, obsessions, low self-esteem, phobias, and thousands of people who needed help to stop smoking.

It is also excellent for those people who may be unable to undergo Hypnoanalysis - maybe they are not well enough, unwilling, or possibly just don’t have the necessary time where time is an important issue (Such as just before a holiday).

Overview of the Thrive Programme in the Shrewsbury

The following is a "typical" schedule for the Thrive Programme, although it is always delivered at a pact that is consistent with each clients ability to work through the techniques.

Session 1  - Thorough discussion as to the principle differences between the Thrive Programme and that available through Pure Hypnoanalysis. Rudimentary personality profiling - How the programme works - Locus of Control Assessment

Session 2  - Introduction to the Thrive Programme. This is where we will discuss the agreement that we will have to undertake this course of sessions, discuss the medical illness and the physiological effects. We will also discuss personality types and the way the mind develops though childhood and its psychological development. 

Session 3 - The Mind/Body Connection - recap from Session 1 and discussion of different types of anxiety and suggestion and suggestibility. 

Session 4
 -  Mind and Body Connection continues. Following a recap of Session 2 we will look at self-talk, the effects of suggestion and importantly the effects of negative suggestion and beliefs. We will then look at suggestion therapy and the retraining. 

Session 5
 - Following the recap and feedback from Session 3 there will be discussion on powerlessness, limiting beliefs etc .

Session 6
 - Introduction to the Dream Technique - Here you will be taught and demonstrated the Dream Technique - you will then undertake this method yourself. 

Session 7
 - The Dream Technique - Questions and Recap from Session 5 and then adaptation and enhancement of YOUR Dream Technique. 

The Thrive Programme is an incredibly effective multi-session “training course” that will not only help you to see things in a radically different way, but will also give you the power and knowledge to realise all of your dreams and aspirations.

A best-selling book by Rob Kelly, Training Director of the IAPH, who uses his unique insight coupled with the collective experience of the IAPH practitioners to deliver this Life Changing set of principles.

The Thrive Programme in Shrewsbury

How much does the Thrive Programme Cost?

Each session of the Thrive Programme costs £70 and the cost of the Thrive Training Manual is included in these costs.

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